Welcome to the Land of Malterra


There once was a time of demons and monsters roaming the land. Great and evil things kept the people living in fear. That is until a few brave heroes joined forces and started a guild. A guild dedicated to seeking out the best fighters, mages, and pretty much anyone with exceptional skill that could be useful and was willing to join the fight. Through the hard training and dedication of those that joined The Guild was officially formed and over the next few decades they managed to eradicate all dark and vile things from the face of Malaterra.

It’s been 1200 years since the last monster was slain in Malaterra and with nothing to fight The Guild fell complacent. The title that used to mean so much, could now be bought for the right price to the right people. It has became nothing but a glorified title and place of station that makes you special in social gatherings. Occasionally a real hero passes through but due to leadership being lazy and pompous, they are rarely ever noticed. People have all but forgotten what The Guild was originally for, telling stories of great heroes and monsters that surely could not have even existed, just made up by arrogant fat nobles trying to give reasoning to their titles.

Where our story begins

It is at this point in the world that we join our story. The Guild a joke, monsters are fairy tales, and heros only exist in fables. The current Guildmaster is a man named Allan Tolly. He is an old Baron who is a 3rd Generation legacy to The Guild. His spot as the guildmaster was bought for the price of his youngest daughters hand in marriage to another Baron. The only problem being that she already had a husband, who was also a memeber of The Guild. Though it was no matter for tolly, who killed him during a training excercise. While he wasn’t a bad man, there was no tears shed for things in The Guild go this way all the time, everything has a price.

Supernatural marvels